Sunday, April 17, 2011

What social and economic forces shape communication infrastructure?

Skype is a revolutionary modern technology that is at the forefront of shaping telecommunications. We see people and businesses need for a more connected society. A society where cost truly matters to business and corporations. Global Markets are here more than ever. People need to be able to communicate and collaborate easily and cheaply with people on the other side of the plant. Economically, businesses that choose not to stay ahead of the curve will be swallowed up. Too many new businesses are out there ready to fill old businesses shoes. Communication Infrastructure is shaped around these needs and wants. The technology has come so far from where it began that it integrates into almost every aspect of our lives. The networks that power these data-intensive digital signals and software have to increase in capacity to meet the demands of its users. Skype is the future if the telecommunications industry. IP based telecommunication systems provide a lot of features that users really like. Convergence is King! People want easy of use and flexibility of applications to meet their everyday needs all within a single application. Skype not only empowers people, but also empowers business to make a smarter choice about how they communicate. In these economic trying times, Skype provide cheap alternative to expensive telephone networks. The Skype system is smart in the fact that it is based on a peer-2-peer type networking system. Little overhead is placed on Skype’s infrastructure; they simply just establish a connection and are done. I will ask the class what are some disadvantages to the using Skype. I believe that with every technology comes a downside. A Few ways that I can see Skype being and issue are: 1) Bandwidths needs for a company to have lots of users using the application at once 2) Constant connectedness with work phones being forwarded to cell phones. And. 3) People placing personal calls at work more because they are on Skype with their friends as well as co-workers.

- Jeremy Carter

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