Monday, April 11, 2011

Response to: ICANN Can Control

After giving my presentation in class on Wednesday I feel that the class was left with a better understanding of the opposing views on who actually controls the internet. Discussions that were brought up in class included the U.K.'s view on Internet governance as well as the U.N.'s view on the Internet governance. The key topic for discussion was that of third world countries which are being left behind due to advancing internet technology and increased user costs that the individuals are not able to afford and replace older pre-established signal relaying devices. Do these countries that have very limited access to the internet and lesser ability to pay for internet usage deserve a say in who is governing the internet as well as what method is used to govern the internet. From what i picked up during the group discussion, leaving these countries out of the actual decision making process would be more beneficial however it would be expected of us to make an effort to include such countries in surveys and internet usage statistics. The question of who controls the internet can be answered that it is the U.S. that controls the internet. More specifically it is the not for profit organization called ICANN that actually controls and monitors the World Wide Web.

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