Monday, April 4, 2011

RESPONSE TO: HBO case study old media informing new

After presenting my case study to the class it appeared to me that the class understood the main point that I was trying to get across which was that HBO has learned from older forms of media in both the technological and programming aspects. I was a little surprised that not very many questions were raised about the Programming of HBO now in regards to how the company divides it programing between mini-series and films, other than the question Dr. Campbell asked there were none. From this project I discovered that most major media companies try to be on the leading edge of technology so they can provide the best viewing services available to their customers. They also listen to the wants and concerns of their viewing customers and when necessary adapt their programing to fit changing popular opinion. In short, to answer the discussion question assigned in class, I believe that older forms of media inform new media markets by being role models showing the importance of being on the leading edge of technology as well as listening to the wants of paying customers so that the company can change when necessary.

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