Sunday, October 2, 2011

Disney and Globalization

In class on the 29th of September, a clear image of globalizations effects on The Walt Disney Company was shown and successfully discussed. The purpose of the study was to provide the class with an example of how globalization has shaped media or industry. Through Disney's use of content and mediums, the class was able to see how the company has responded to a continuously globalizing industry.

The class discussion on whether Disney was aiming towards global imperialism or just trying to appeal to a more extensive audience was interesting. Most of the students felt that Disney was just trying to appeal to a broader audience while keeping intone with American ideologies.

I was surprised more did not have something to say about the government using Disney as a source of propaganda. Here is a link I found very interesting. The scholarly article voices the opinions of a few critics of Disney, and it’s use of propaganda:

I hope I successfully showed two key ways in which globalization has shaped Disney. Also, how the medium can be just as important as the content in these cases. As McLuhan famously said, “The medium is the message.”

As for the question of the week: “How does globalization shape media products and industry?” I believe there are a variety of ways in which this is obvious. Globalization forces companies to be more diverse in their media products and marketing techniques. They also need to be accessible to a larger audience. Having a diverse selection of media outlets is one way in which to do so. For example, radio station, print publications, TV shows, etc. Using new and old media because not everyone has access to the new.

Lastly, I would like to thank the class for their input in the class discussion and their attention during my presentation.

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