Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TiVo-Lindsey Keeney

Thursday, October 27th, in class I will be discussing the history of personal television recording including Betamax, VHS, and DVRs and their respective impacts on television. Then I will be discussing the pioneer company of the DVR, TiVo. I will show a brief video starring the logo of the brand and I will discuss TiVo’s history. I will relate it to this week's question "How do older forms of media inform new media markets?" by discussing TiVo personalizing the television and bringing in new media markets such as YouTube, Netflix, and Pandora Radio in modern times. I will address the issue of the commercials being sped through. The advertisers are now more focused on product placement. Then I will wrap it up with some discussion questions and my conclusion, answering this week’s question of the week.

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LindseyK said...

Some topics discussed after my presentation today were whether or not companies know if you watch the advertisements and if they still get the money. We also discussed during the process of fast forwarding you still see some images more so then if the commercials are playing and what impact that has on us. I also highlighted the difference between TiVo and Roku. The difference is TiVo is more centered around the traditional television, cable and satellite, whereas Roku is more new age with more of the streaming appeal. We briefly talked about product placements increase since the 90s as well. I answered the question of the week by going over all of the new media markets that TiVo uses to incorporate new media into an old medium, television.