Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Twitter: A New Form of News

In class tomorrow, on October 13, I will be discussing Twitter, and how it has affected the news industry in the last five years. I will look at three different uses of Twitter, and how each of those affects society and the news industry.
I will start out by explaining what Twitter actually is, and then work into the different ways that people use it. The first use of Twitter is for social networking, which is the most prevalent use in society. People use it to keep connected with others, especially influential figures in society, such as athletes, actors, and politicians. Then I look at how Twitter has affected the political realm in America. It has become a very popularly used tool for the politicians in our society, who can spread their ideas and beliefs through Twitter. I show how congress now uses it during speeches and meetings, and how even the president has a Twitter to post information. The third use for Twitter that I believe is important is the use of Twitter in journalism. This has become extremely popular recently, because it allows the journalist to deliver information to the follower much faster, giving the reader a feeling of interaction and involvement with the story (which is often happening in other parts of the world). I argue that Twitter has become important in the news industry because it saves production costs, and can be narrowcasted to a more specific audience, one that wants to hear the news being presented. Humans enjoy getting a more personal experience, and by posting personalized content on Twitter, journalists are satisfying those needs of the consumer (follower).
I believe that Twitter will change the way news is delivered for the rest of the future, just as radio and television did, many years ago. It allows for a more interactive and personal style of news delivery, which is what I believe society wants.

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