Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pandora Radio

Today, October 18, 2011 I will be discussing the different aspects of Pandora radio and how they appeal to the wireless culture. I will be looking at the different devices you can access Pandora from, how they generate income and the music genome project.
The beginning of my presentation will give a brief overview of the characteristics of terrestrial radio and Pandora internet radio. It will give the audience an idea of how the two radio forms are different and how Pandora has evolved from terrestrial radio.
Next I will discuss what Pandora is and how they got their name. This will give the audience a general break down of the structure of the company and the purpose the wish to fulfill. I will also look at the different mediums you can access Pandora on and how they appeal to the digital age. Smart Phone apps are one of the most common digital mediums that Pandora uses to reach their target listeners.
I will also discuss how Pandora generates revenue. Advertising is the predominant revenue sources for Pandora. The Advertisers take the information listeners give to Pandora to create ads that appeal to their information. There are also subscriptions available for purchase that allows Pandora to regulate go gains full access to their site. I will also address the fact that Pandora isn’t profitable because of royalty fees.
Lastly I will Define the Music Genome Project and how they are the key factor that makes Pandora so unique. This project has created a narrowcast by developing playlist to adhere to the listeners particular genre or artist interest.
To conclude I will state how Pandora is shaping the way for future radio and how the ability to personalize radio stations to the listeners musical interest will allow them to grow.
The discussion questions will relate the conformity of terrestrial radio and why listeners are attracted to internet radio.

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shantel.latham said...

In my presentation I looked at how Pandora Differs from terrestrial radio and how they incorporated different aspects of terrestrial radio into their company. Like terrestrial radio, Pandora uses advertising to generate revenue for their business. However, Pandora also offers subscriptions that allow the users listen to the radio without commercials. Pandora also played off terrestrial radio’s creation of each station playing a certain genre. Pandora allows the listeners to create stations to their genre preference. In the end terrestrial radio is now going to have to conform to Pandora’s ways to still be seen as a competitor in today’s society.