Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Group 1 - Visual Podcast
Tate Brightwell
Josh Maldonado
Alex Gracia
Edwin Abrazado

Group Camtasia Project: New Media through Tablet Computing (iPad)
Tate Brightwell, Edwin Abrazado, Alex Gracia & Josh Maldonado

What new and old questions do media technologies raise regarding the impact of media on society?

Summary of Topic:
The iPad has innovated new avenues for media to be viewed, shared, and created. The iPad has created a platform for mobile cloud computing, as well as an infrastructure for mobile apps, beyond what existed already from the smartphone market. The iPad has now been on the market for close to 5 years, and its impact is still being felt in almost every work sector, the most prominent being education. Through integrating a camera and audio recorder into the device, as well as allowing for touch screen technology, the iPad allows users to experience media in places never before thought of, as well as allowing users to generate multi-media content easier than ever.

  1. What is New Media?
    1. 6 characteristics of new media
  2. Emphasis on 3 characteristics of new media that deals with iPads
    1. Interactivity
    2. Audience Generated
    3. Narrowcasting
  3. What new and old questions do media technologies raise regarding the impact of media on society?
    1. New innovations
    2. iPad use in industries
    3. Future for the tablet
  4. New innovations that tablet computing brought about
    1. Mobility and touchscreen interface
  5. Industries that use the iPad daily
    1. Education and business
  6. The future of tablet computing
    1. New technological advancements


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Websites used during Video:

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