Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jenkins Vs. Georgia Group 2

Group 2: Myrhanda Ortega, Alexis Baird, Ashley Rocha 

Jenkins Vs. Georgia
Summary: The challenges and issues faced by Freedom of Speech and Obscenity come from the legal interpretation of the terms. In today’s Digital Age, it is tough to create a common definition of obscenity that everyone could agree on. We used Jenkins v. Georgia as an example of an issue that surfaced when trying to establish if certain content is protected under the Freedom of Speech Amendment.

1.      Introduction
a.       Question: What are the issues and challenges of Freedom of Speech vs. Obscenity?
b.      Important Definitions
                                                        i.            1st Amendment
                                                      ii.            Freedom of Speech
                                                    iii.            Obscenity
                                                    iv.            Three Prongs from Miller v. California Case
2.      Jenkins Vs. Georgia
a.       Details of the Case
b.      Carnal Knowledge Plot Summary and Descriptions
c.       Initial Verdict and Final Verdict
                                                        i.            Justification
3.      Effects and Relevance
a.       Protection of Freedom of Speech
b.      Role of Jury in Defining Standards
4.      Conclusion
a.       Challenges of Obscenity Today
                                                        i.            Role of the Jury
                                                      ii.            Changing Times
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